Handmade baby bath mitts that get you excited for baby bath time. Almost.

The sweetest handmade baby bath mitts for kids

I admit that bathing my babies wasn’t always my favorite thing. Well, it was fun when they were in great moods, but when they were tired and shrieking? I’d take all the help I could get. So I am totally taken with these adorably made, totally handmade woodland creature baby bath mitts from Texas Etsy artist, Busy Bonnie Bee.

Now before you get sticker shock (seriously, brace yourself), I notice that the $79 price includes all 6 of these very cute designs. So okay, about $12.50 each. Even the fox, and considering how trendy foxes are these days, you could probably charge double for it. Plus they’re totally handmade, they support an independent artist, and they’re way cuter than the ones in the big baby stores which I often found scratchy and you know? Sometimes a little creepy. .

So admittedly this isn’t a purchase for everyone, though you generous aunts, godmothers and grandmothers should take note because they’re pretty darn great.

Also, expect some excellent puppet shows when the kids get a little older


Woodland creature baby bath mitts on Etsy: Foxes

Handmade baby bear baby bath mitts from Busy Bonnie Bee on Etsy

Handmade baby bath mitts on Etsy: Cute skunks!

Handmade chick baby bath mitts on Etsy, and other barnyard animals. Cute!

If you’re still not convinced, consider that she sells each pair of matching bath mitts for $36 (singles are available too), that mega pack is actually a sweet bargain. If you’ve got a zillion new babies to shop for this year, or you want to go in on it with five friends with similar taste in charming handmade woodland creature baby gifts, feel free to divvy them up.

You just might have to flip a coin for that fox, though.

Find the handmade woodland creature baby bath mitts or more traditional barnyard animal baby bath mittss from Texas Etsy artist, Busy Bonnie Bee. For an extra deal, get a pair of the cute skunk baby bath mitts for just $22 before they’re discontinued. You have to appreciate the irony.