A clever, very simple reward system to keep kids reading this summer.

Printable paper chain book log from Eighteen25: So clever!

We just finished putting together a ton of great educational activities for kids to keep them sharp over the summer, and now of course I find one more I’d love to add to the list. This free printable paper chain reading log from Eighteen25 is so brilliant! It combines so many of the things my kids love most: reading, crafts, hanging random stuff on their walls, and reward systems.

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The idea is really simple: Print out these cute reading log strips, fill them out, and tape them into a chain — or glue them to a piece of poster board, or drop them into a jar. Whatever you prefer. When the kids reach a certain number, figure out what they’ve earned.


Clever idea to keep kids reading over the summer: A free printable reading log chain reward system | Eighteen25


Considering how much more my own children read this year during the school’s annual readathon, I think it’s a great way to keep the reading going during the summer. And hey, maybe get their friends involved too to make your own readathon. Nothing like a little friendly competition to ge

t them asking to stay up “just 20 more minutes to finish this chapter.”

Download the free printable paper chain reading log at Eighteen25, and find lots of other wonderful inspiration and projects there.