The new TKEES are here! Behold our disproportionate excitement about such things.

The hot new TKEES sandals styles for 2015

To say I’m a TKEES sandals fan is a bit of an understatement. Ever since I discovered them about four years ago, they’ve slowly become the only flip-flop style sandals I own. They’re comfy and can take a bit of a beating, plus they’re chic enough for me to wear into the city, but casual enough for a pool party or walk to the beach. And unlike the Havaianas I used to hoard (sorry, Havaianas!) they will never be mistaken for gym shower shoes.

So when I saw some of the new TKEES styles out, which can get me exploring beyond the neutral shades of TKEES Foundations that I live in — yeah, something Pavlovian kicked in and it was like…must…buy…TKEES….

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New TKEES Glitters: Subtly metallic sandals for summer

The new TKEES Glitters are so fun, in a glittery silver, black or gold that are far more subtle than the brazenly blingy accessories of yore. They seem to shimmer more than they blind you. That’s a good thing.


Ombre TKEES blends sandals in 6 shades

Ombre is not going anywhere, and I love how it comes to life in TKEES blends which are l

ike their shiny “Gloss” style flip-flops plus that awesome gradation of color. There are six cool style and I really am having a hard time picking a favorite, but I sense those blues could get a lot of wear from me.


TKEES new styles: Duos with the dual-colored strap, and the hand-painted ombre Studios

If you want to splurge, the TKEES Studio flip flop has a cool ombre thing happening, with a hand-painted texture; presumably that accounts for the higher price, which goes just beyond my “splurging for flip-flops” range but I could probably justify if you pushed me. Or check out the TKEES Duos with a neutral foot bed and a double shot of color at the strap. There are a few fun color combos, whether you want a statement-y orange and pink, or a pair of metallics.



New TKEES Contours sandals in Golden Gate. Love!

But the one I actually broke down and bought directly off their site? The TKEES Contours in Golden Gate, which is a glossy black/white with the contrast of a golden strap. If you were to glance at my closet — my recently KonMari’d closet, that is, which means you can actually find things in it — your eye would go right to them. They make flip-flops just a little sexier and a little dressier, right? Kind of? And hey, any excuse to get out of heels (what? They’re my fancy flip flops…) is great by me.

Find my very favorite sandals for summer on the TKEES website or a great selection at Nordstrom with free shipping. While they say to size down, hm…I think they run a teeny bit small. Buy true to size or, if you’re a half-size like me, I’d say definitely size up. The size 7 fits my 6.5 feet perfectly.

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