Don’t hate the cold. Love Winter.

Winter accessories for toddlers: Elks and Angels shearling hat

The hardest person to keep warm in winter always seems to be the baby–they’re just too small to layer too much, and I hate trying to wrangle them into a coat. So other than layers of baby blankets, I turn to hats, booties, and mittens. This year I’m already obsessing about the Love Winter line of warm winter accessories for toddlers I just discovered from Elks & Angels.


Winter accessories for toddlers: Elks & Angels' almost shearling leather booties


Winter accessories for toddlers: Elks and Angels pink leather shearling gloves

Winter accessories for toddlers: Elks and Angels gray leather shearling hat

The Love Winter hats, booties, and mittens are each available in almond, pink, or grey Australian sheepskin leather, accented with shearling wool, and they are sooooo soft. Seriously, this is pure luxury for your smallest family members. I love the cord attached to the gloves which means they’ll stay together so you’re not constantly searching for that one missing glove, and you can run them through the sleeves of your child’s coat to keep them on when you’re out. And the booties are designed to actually stay on your baby’s feet. Because common sense would dictate that a baby bootie on the floor is probably not going to keep those t

oes too warm.

Bonus for parents: Though the accessories are made from leather and wool, you can still hand wash them with a good cashmere soap (we love the one from The Laundress) because you know babies will find a way to get their food–or worse–on anything.

Elks & Angels Love Winter shearling booties, mittens, and trapper hats are available at their website or in a boutique near you.