Cage sandals, now for the littlest trend setters

New cage sandal styles for girls at Umi Shoes

If you look for a balance between stylish shoes for your girls, but also want something practical and durable, because you know, running and climbing and playing something I hear is called “chase the boys” that I don’t want to know much more about — I’m really happy to see the impressively fashion-forward cage sandals for girls now at Umi.

(You may know how Kristen and I like our cage sandals.)

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One look at the Rozelle sandal (for toddlers, the Rozelle Junior) and my girls oohing and ahhing, trying to choose between a pretty blue, pink, and silver, each with a sparkly leaf motif on the back. I happen to prefer the silver which at least walks right into the whole metallic thing, so it’s not just the back that sparkles. Plus silver is now a staple in my kids’ annual sandal wardrobe, since it pretty much functions like a neutral.

Of course, my daughter insisted on the blue. Because we’re hitting that point where I say “ooh look at this one!” and that means it’

s automatically out of the running.

Yay, tween girls!

Cage sandals for girls + toddlers now at Umi in lots of cute colors

The Rena sandal (above, left) is also a cool gladiator sandal for girls in four fun colors including a two-toned blue with a subtle lime accent.

While they do look pretty, I’ve really come to appreciate those durable Umi soles after years of trying other fashion brands that often don’t cut it much beyond special occasion shoes. In fact my daughter’s go-to suede Umi penny loafers lasted so long, when they were finally beat up beyond recognition after two years, I had to sneak them out of her closet at night in order to replace them with a new pair I had ordered.

Of course not every parent wants to spend a lot on their kids’ shoes. But considering how hard my girls are on their sandals (I wonder where they get it from?) I’ve found that when I spend a little more on Umi’s shoes, they last us through the whole spring and summer, and then my youngest daughter ends up wearing the hand-me-downs a year or two later.

Hopefully those blue cage sandals will still be in in 2016. Not that she’ll care.

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