This Mother Tucker’s Not Your Average Nursing Tank

Belly Bandit Mother Tucker Nursing Tank in Black

I probably would’ve loved the Mother Tucker just for the name itself, but after taking it for a test run, I’m comfortable saying that every nursing mom needs to try this nursing tank right tucking now.

Full disclosure: I’m not nursing again until baby numero dos arrives in November, but since I just had my son a little over a year ago, stretch marks, love handles, and public nursing debacles unfortunately aren’t too distant from my memory.

Belly Bandit Mother Tucker Nursing Tank in Black

Belly Bandit Mother Tucker Nursing Tank

Designed by the clever folks at Belly Bandit, the Mother Tucker nursing tank is the closest thing I’ve experienced to what I would imagine a Spanx nursing top would feel like, but a little less tight and intense because no new mama needs their insides so compressed after birth that she starts spitting up, too. Made with soft, breathable material and designed to target three zones on your hardworking postpartum body, the Mother Tucker promises to smooth your muffin top (check), flatten your belly (check), and hide your back fat (check). Again, I haven’t tried the Mothe

r Tucker on postpartum yet, but based on how it slimmed down my pregnant profile, I’m hopeful that it’ll be pretty effective after birth, too!

Belly Bandit Mother Tucker Nursing Tank in Nude

I love that there aren’t any snaps or flaps to deal with on the Mother Tucker nursing tank. You just throw on your nursing cover (or not), slide over the cup for nursing access and boom, lunch is served! The straps are extra wide and adjustable, which makes it easy and comfortable to wear. Available in black, nude and white, Belly Bandit suggests you can wear the Mother Tucker alone or under clothing. I say to each her own, but the prude within me will probably opt to wear it under at least a cardigan because it’s a little boobier and low-cut than your average nursing tank.

Of course, every woman’s body is different so it’s hard to claim that any nursing tank would be “perfect” for every mama, but some things are definitely worth trying. Especially when celeb moms like Jessica Simpson, Christina Aguilera, Kourtney Kardashian and others are fans of the tank, too. So if nursing is in your near or immediate future, give the Mother Tucker nursing tank a spin–your body will likely thank you.

The Mother Tucker nursing tank retails for $79.95 and is available on BellyBandit.com.

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