Bucketfeet shoes bring real artwork to kids’ feet. Eh, walls have been done.

BucketFeet Shoes for Kids

My son has doodled on the wall, the table, and an ottoman — by accident, of course — so we continue to remind him that markers are for paper. But what happens when he enters the inevitable drawing-on-shoes phase of childhood? If your child is looking to make a statement, I’d say BucketFeet artist-designed shoes are a more fashion-forward alternative to a black marker.

And relatively affordable for such an international street-art style statement.

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It’s kind of like a Minted for footwear; artists around the world from Brooklyn to Bogota, who include illustrators, graffiti artists, and tattoo artists, all submit their designs. Then the BucketFeet folks choose a few designs each season and produce limited runs.

There are currently nine designs of the slip-on style available for kids, and some lace-up sneakers. I’m not sure I’d wear all of the prints, though I think the Logo Style shoes from Spanish graffiti artist El Xupet Negre (f

amous for his black pacifier logo) and Aaron Firestein’s Poppin Bubbles shoes are particularly neat; as are Ben Giustino’s comic-esque Cloudwalker Shoes. Then again, I don’t wear a size 11T – 4Y so it’s not really up to me.

El Xupet Negre Spanish graffiti shoes for kid at Bucketfeet

Cloud style artist-drawn shoes for kid at Bucketfeet

BucketFeet shoes for men, women, and kids
If my husband and I thought we were hip enough to pull off BucketFeet’s skater-inspired shoes, we could wear them in adult sizes too. It’s kind of a bummer that there aren’t flip flops available for kids, though, because the styles there are sort of awesome. Can I put in my own crowdsourced vote right now?

Browse all of BucketFeet’s artist-designed shoes for men, women, and kids on their website. Kids slip-ons are $45, women’s flip-flops start at $30. Take the time to read the backstory too, which is almost as cool as the shoes.