Web coolness: Children’s books they’ll never make, avoiding smartphone interruptions, and why parents are like serial killers.

The parents / serial killers venn diagram we've all been waiting for | The Daddy Files

Here are the things we’ve liked reading around the web this week. Hope you like them too.


Laughing at this parenting truth from The Daddy Files.

Smart tips for new parents getting back to work after a baby.

Yes it’s snowing AGAIN for some of us. Here are 9 awesome hot chocolate recipes to keep you warm.

The unexpected extra you may get with your next Starbucks order.

Provocative thoughts on underscheduled children.

A good reason to start thinking Mother’s Day gifts.


The Shining and other R films reimagined as a children's book | Josh Cooley

A Pixar artist turns R-rated films into children’s storybooks. Ha.

10 women authors to read for Women’s History Month.

Tom Hanks sells Girl Scout Cookies. Nicest guy ever.

A little– or a lot of — help to help you keep your hands off your smartphone when you’re with your kids.


Food Art by Ida Frosk on Instagram

Photo and food inspiration: The best edible art Instagram accounts. This photo from @IdaFrosk is so perfect for Easter.

Congrats to our friend Rachel Faucett and her new Handmade Charlotte Superhero Crafts Kits at PBK.

Yay, a Design Mom book tour! Be sure to mark

your calendars.


Undiscovered Pinterest board of the week: We love every single toy on Hannah Carey’s Plush Kingdom.