The Book with No Pictures. Guess what? Your kids won’t miss them.

The Book with No Pictures review: A great way to get your kids excited about reading

Can I tell you how big a hit I was as the surprise reader at my son’s second grade class the other day, when I read The Book with No Pictures? It was all, “Again!” and, “More!” If you can get your hands on this book too, you’ll understand why.

This hilarious book written by actor and humorist B.J. Novak (you know, from The Office) is true to its title: There are no pictures in it whatsoever. Just pages full of funny dialogue written as if the reader (that’s you) is being forced to say silly things by the writer (a kid). The idea is that the reader must say everything because hey, that’s the rule about reading a book full of words, right?

The Book with No Pictures by B.J. Novak from The Office: Hilarious book for kids!

If you love the Mo Willems Pigeon Books, I think you’ll dig this one. It’s cheeky and a little irreverent (yes, you are forced to say boo boo butt, parents), and highly entertaining, even for me as I’m reading it. But what I love most is that it does a wonderful job of helping kids understand that books with no pictures can still be awesome and entirely engaging.

If your kids are anything like mine, you’ll be reading this every night at bedtime. We’re on day five here. And counting.

You can purchase The Book with No Pictures at our affiliate Amazon or at your local bookstore. For more awesome books for kids, be sure to check our 2014 Best Books for Kids list which is where I found this one in the first place. Thanks Cool Mom Picks!