Just Because You Freeze Your Butt Off Running Outside Doesn’t Mean Your Kid Has To…

SnugbugbagI have to say the one thing that stops me from running outside in the winter is that I worry about my little one getting too cold. Ha. Who the heck am I kidding? I can think of plenty more reasons not to run outside. But if I did, I’d make sure I had a SnugBugBag, the patented blanket bag of sorts that can be used in your stroller, jogger, car-seat, and baby carrier. Not only are they extremely handy and easy-to-use, but they come in a variety of cute patterns and sizes. Oh how I would have loved one of these at my baby shower. And, even better, if you get one side extra dirty, no need to worry – they are reversible. While I can’t say the SnugBugBag is going to make me take up running, I will say I’m now thinking a little harder about it. And just doing that makes me feel like I lost a couple of pounds. That in itself is enough for me to want to buy it. I’m pretty sure my daughter will thank me as well. –Kristen
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