Minecraft skin, actual size! (But not actual skin. That would be weird.)

Custom Minecraft skin wall art on Etsy

If you read Cool Mom Tech, you may be aware of my daughters’ obsession with Minecraft. We even created Minecraft games we can play when the screens are off. So I can only imagine how thrilled they’d be to decorate their room with the custom Minecraft skin wall art from Etsy’s Lemur apps.

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Of course kids love to own anything that looks like them, but in this 8-bit world, it’s about anything that looks like the custom skin of their character that they’ve so carefully chosen. This company has gone so far as to develop a skin finder tool, originally designed for the the custom Minecraft costumes that they make.

Just send send them your character’s user name (for truly custom wall art) or pick from one of the most popular skins (iBallisticSquid!), and they’ll create an Adventurer Steve or Disco Skeleton or Goddess Girl or Olaf out of cardboard with with posable joints, and printed with high-quality laser-printed paper.

I don’t think it’s designed to la

st for generations, but for under $35 it is a gift that would get their jaws to drop.

Custom Minecraft skin wall art on Etsy

Also, I have to say I haven’t seen any of the work from this shop in person but I checked all their reviews and they’ve got hundreds of happy customers. The only minor complaints are that the costumes take some work to put together — should you be considering turning your child into actual Minecraft Chewbacca, and not just transforming a portion of the wall by his bed.

Order your own custom Minecraft skin wall art from Etsy’s Lemur apps.