For those planning some hipster 19th century throwback industrial chic decor touches for the kid’s room

Hand crocheted vintage bulb for modern kids rooms

Sometimes we just see one cool little bit of kid’s room or nursery decor that’s so clever, we can’t help but share. In this case, it’s the hand-crocheted vintage lightbulbs by Australia’s La Dee Dah Kids. I’m partial to the yellow one myself, which adds that kind of Williamsburg hipster, Edison lightbulb-peppered industrial design style to a child’s room. And you know, that’s a style you might not have considered when you were first picking out cribs.


Vintage light bulb, hand crocheted. Cool for kids' rooms

Just choose from white or the yellow I really love, tether it to a hook from the wall you’re good to go. It’s even washable, should there be some kind of hipster toddler fight over the prospects of Arcade Fire’s long-term relevance, which, you k now, always ends up with one child flinging milk.

Find the hand-crocheted vintage lightbulbs by Lah De Dah Kids now in the US from Forever Wild Child Store