Tooth fairy pillows that double as awesome kids’ room decor

Cool tooth fairy pillows by Mighty Twenty

A giraffe grazing near a hut. A whale swimming past an iceberg. At first glance, these nature-inspired designs just look like fun decorative pillows for a kid’s bedroom. And if that’s all these Mighty Twenty pillows were, I’d still want one for my children’s rooms.

But look closer and you’ll see a tiny tooth pocket on front of each pillow that’s in some way connected with the animal. Flip it over and you’ll find a larger pocket in a contrasting pattern stuffed with a tooth tracker journal. Surprise! They’re super clever tooth fairy pillows.

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Cool whale tooth fairy pillow and tracker from Mighty Twenty

Cool sheep tooth fairy pillow and tooth tracker from Mighty Twenty

Cool giraffe tooth fairy pillow and tooth tracker from Mighty Twenty

Mighty Twenty’s name might have given it away had I remembered that little kids have — and lose — twenty teeth. We haven’t hit that childhood milestone ourselves yet, but I might start giving these away as baby gifts since all new parents are kind of obsessed with milestones. Sure, newborns won’t need a tooth fairy pillow for about five or six years, but these will look great as room decor until then.

Find Mighty Twenty milestone tooth fairy pillows and tooth tracker journals in the Cool Mom Picks indie shop.