Where do animals go when they’re dressed and ready? Onto a clock, of course.

Zoo Portrait Clocks by photographer Yago Partal

I’m inclined to call this find the world’s coolest animal clocks. But then, I’m not sure if that refers to the coolest clocks featuring animals, or clocks featuring the coolest animals. Eh, hardly matters. Both perfectly describe the brand new zoo portrait clocks from our friends at Blik, featuring Barcelona photographer/filmmaker Yago Partel’s hilarious portraits of our furry and feathered friends like you’ve never seen them.

Well, unless you’ve seen Partel’s photo series already.


Zoo portrait animal clocks: Ferret in a scarf

Zoo portrait animal clocks: Bear in a cozy ski sweater.

Zoo portrait animal clock by Yago Partal: Deer

Zoo portrait animal clock: Racoon in a vest

Zoo portrait animal clocks: Ostrich in a bowler

Zoo portrait animal clocks by photographer Yago Partel on CoolMomPicks.com

If you look closely, there’s more to each photographic concept than just random animals looking serious in people’s clothing. The koala in a Hawaiian shirt probably looks like an uncle you have somewhere. The fox in a skinny black tie is inspired. But my favorites might be the working class raccoon, the scarf-clad ferret, and the ostrich who looks like he stepped out of A Clockwork Orange.

Sorry, no alligator wearing a LaCoste shirt.

I think they’re so fun for pretty much any room of the house, but in a new baby’s room,

they’re absolutely awesome. Each one is just $45, made in LA, and you can specify white hands or black hands. I think it all kind of depends on the tie, right?

Find the zoo portrait clocks by photographer Yago Partel online at WhatIsBlik.com


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