Stunning holiday jewelry gift ideas for under $75? We have tons.

Holiday jewelry gift ideas under $75: Sapphire Ombre Necklace at the Cool Mom Picks Indie Shop by Laura Stark

Some women obsessively collect shoes or handbags, but for me it’s jewelry. It always fits (of course), and makes me feel polished no matter how raggedy the rest of me may be. I love giving jewelry as gifts, too, as it just seems to make everyone feel special. Luckily for you we made it easy to find some gorgeous steals in the Cool Mom Picks Indie Shop with a category solely dedicated to killer jewelry gifts all under $75.

From statement cocktails rings and gemstones to initial pendants, here are some of my personal favorites from our collection, all made by so many independent artists we really love supporting. Often with our own wallets, as they can attest.


Sapphire Ombre Necklace by Laura Stark, $70 (at top)

The sapphire is my birthstone, so this piece just calls out to me. It’s delicate and complex as it goes from light to dark, covering all the shades of this lovely stone. And hey, ombre is hot!

Holiday jewelry gift ideas under $75: hot pink cocktail ring by Zsuzsi Panyi

Hot Pink Party Ring by Zsuzsi Panyi, $50

This ring makes me picture putting on a layer of extra glossy l

ipstick and strutting out to the best holiday party of the season while tapping my loudly adorned finger against a glass of Prosecco. This ring is all fun and perfect for any woman who may not be inclined to pick up a statement piece for herself.


Holiday jewelry gift ideas under $75: hot pink cocktail ring by Zsuzsi Panyi


Silver Glitter Rock Stud Earrings by Bird+Beau, $28

These funkified earrings–made from a cool and unusual combination of cork and sterling silver–are perfect for the sparkly holiday season. And at this price, they’re easy to pick up as a gift for glitter-worthy friends or hip young ladies on your shopping list. In fact, we know a few pre-teen and teen girls of our own who would be psyched to own them.


Holiday jewelry gift ideas under $75: wood initial pendant necklace


Custom Wooden Initial necklace by Kristen Shearon, $35.

These laser cut wooden custom initials are modern, personal and customizable and the artist is such a treat to work with. You choose your initial, chain, and one of four type styles. What a perfect jewelry gift for a graphic designer, type geek, or just cool new mom who wants a twist on the classic personalized initial keepsake pendant. Just note that each one is made to order, and takes 3-5 days so get on it!

Holiday jewelry gift ideas under $75: crystal quartz necklace by Maureen Kirchdoerfer

Horizon Quartz Crystal Necklace by Maureen Kirchdoerfer, $35

How geeked am I that crystal necklaces are back in fashion? This modern take on the old hippie statement piece rocks a double terminated Tibetan Quartz wrapped horizontally and accented in bright yellow gold. Also cool: Each stone is different. Kinda cool getting a gift you know no one else in the world has.


Holiday jewelry gift ideas under $75: Silver Geometric Charm Bracelet by Inbal Designs

Silver Geometric Charm Bracelet by Inbal Designs, $29

At $29, this bracelet is a very sweet steal. The small details of a silver hexagon and pearl accent a 7-inch silver chain. Another goodie for a sweet young lady in your life who isn’t so edge as most mass-produced teen jewelry tends to be.

Jewelry gift ideas under $75: Embroidered necklaces at the Cool Mom Picks Indie Shop

Moon + Stars Embroidered Necklace by Lisa Anderson Shaffer, $48

This handmade delicate and sweet necklace, as well as the other embroidered pieces by the artist, is inspired by the many blue hues of a Northern California night. I love the moon, featuring gold metallic embroidery thread stitched onto a dusk blue/grey cotton and set in a brass pendant, with super cool convertible chain that can be worn five ways. But hey, all the styles are pretty cool.


Holiday jewelry gift ideas under $75: Bar statement ring by Marja Germans Gard

Bar Statement Ring by Marja Germans Gard, $65

Handmade from recycled sterling silver, this ring is a perfectly simple statement piece that really calls my name. Perfect for that edgy and always polished friend. We know quite a few of those, but admittedly, we don’t always know she does it.


Shop tons of jewelry gift ideas under $75 at the Cool Mom Picks Indie Shop for tons of beautiful ideas that support independent artists around the world.