A zit stick that actually works, and fast. Yes, please.

Bremenn zit stick review | Cool Mom Picks

I had the opportunity last year to try Bremenn Clinical, a line of mid-priced corrective skincare products and I’ll be honest, nothing was exactly 100% right for my own skin type. I’ve heard good things about it from people I trust though, so maybe I’m supposed to be 19 like the model on the website? That, I’m not. However, like the model on the website (presumably), I do get zits from time to time. And so last week, in a moment of desperation, I tried the Bremenn Clinical Strength Emergency Zit Stick that had been hanging around my bathroom, and whoa…this is a great product!

Bremenn calls the Zit Stick instant-acting, and my skepticism was instantly squashed right along with that red thing on my face. I put just a dab from the Zit Stick on the one increasingly huge red spot swelling up just under my eyebrow (grrr), and instead of the standard four or five days, by the next morning it was close to gone. Day two? No sign whatsoever.

I understand the formula best if you use it right away, so a combo of good

timing and good product turned out to be a vanity lifesaver.

And checking the EWG safe cosmetics database, it scores a respectably low 2, which I like.

Bremenn Zit Stick: It works!

Now I’ve seen a few reviews that mention that the formula is drying, but I don’t find that to be the case. And while of course every skin type is different and products like this don’t work for every single person, I’m sold. In fact, it’s now a fixture in my travel cosmetics bag.

Find the Bremenn Clinical Strength Emergency Zit Stick on their site for $20 though sometimes you can find it at online shops for as low as $10 if you look around. If you don’t like it, they offer a 30-day money back guarantee.