The Crocodile Dundee of Australian skincare is luxe, all-natural, and super effective.

The Jojoba Company jojoba oil natural skin care

Remember when Crocodile Dundee said, “That’s not a knife; THIS is a knife?” Yeah. That’s how I feel about cheap face wash right now, because this new jojoba oil skin care line straight out of Australia is giving me major results.

Every day is a g’day when I’m slathering myself in products by The Jojoba Company, and that’s not nearly as hokey as it sounds. My current regimen includes washing with the Purifying Citrus Foaming Cleanser, moisturizing with the CoQ10 Antioxidant Serum, and doing weekly masks with the Skin Refining and Brightening Face Mask.

Although all the ingredients are up to my standards–no parabens, petroleum derivatives, SLS, artificial junk, or PEGs–I chose these products from the line specifically because I’ve learned that even with high quality ingredients, my skin will break out if I use sunflower or safflower oil on my face. If you have similar problems, you might enjoy jojoba oil as much as I do, as it’s the most chemically similar oil to human skin and doesn’t encourage break-outs,

just keeps me hydrated and helps smooth fine lines. Yay!

One thing I really like about The Jojoba Company is that each product has a light, lovely scent based on its main ingredients, as opposed to some lines where all the products smell the same or have the same, plasticky “no fragrance” fragrance.

The proof in the pudding: I recently spent two days in the hospital with my sick grandmother and no beauty products. When I emerged, my skin looked as horrible as you can imagine. I came home and used all three products, and my husband caught me walking out of the bathroom and asked if I’d put on makeup, which I totally hadn’t. Score!

In short, the next time you’re thinking about trying the drugstore version of a jojoba-based product, I assure that you that’s probably not a great skincare line; THIS is a great skincare line.

Find these jojoba oil skin care products and more at The Jojoba Company. Shipping directly from TJC is currently pricey and from Australia, so if you’re in the states, consider ordering from St. Pierre Wellness. Several of the products are available from our affiliate, Amazon, but are from outside stockists instead of directly from TJC, so double check pricing before ordering. That cleanser is good, but not $120 good.

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