3 hot accessories from fashionABLE, only one place to get them

New fashionABLE scarves for fall 2014

We know our readers are huge fans of the handmade scarves from fashionABLE, because of course you all have fabulous taste and big hearts. (Two of our favorite traits.)

Last year the company did a very smart thing, working with our friends at ONE.org along with Gabby Blair of Design Mom and the talented Alt Summit attendees to crowdsource a new design. The winner: The Genet scarf by Janette Crawford which was such a huge hit they sold out in a flash. Even Christie Turlington and Minka Kelly were spotted wearing one. As for me, I live in mine. Best travel scarf ever.

If you want your own this year, or want to grab one as a gift there’s only one place to get one–along with two new limited edition scarf designs.

Kelly Wickham, Liz Gumbinner, Christine Koh, Stacey Ferguson sporting the fashionABLE Genet scarf

Via Instagram: ONE.org Women + Girls initiative supporters, online publishers, and Genet scarf fans Kelly Wickham, Liz Gumbinner, Christine Koh, and Stacey Ferguson–and we’re not even embarrassed we’re wearing the same thing.


Visit the Live fashionABLE Kickstarter page and you can check out just wh

at a contribution to this amazing organization gets you. Well, besides the knowledge that your purchase is creating a sustainable income, education, and healthcare for the Ethiopian women who work there. You can choose from one of the two striking new designs: The stunning indigo Zeritu scarf designed by Hannah Coulson; or the intricate peach-grey Tigist scarf by graphic artist Drew Pistilli, each beautifully woven by hand. And the deals are pretty awesome.

Let’s just say, that Tigist scarf? That would normally retail for $200 through fashionABLE–or probably $350 at Barney’s. But for a $108 contribution on Kickstarter it’s yours.

Get one scarf. Get both. Get one plus the Genet, which is what I did. Get 25 scarves for holiday gifts for every cool woman you know. Or hey, get a scarf plus a coffee with Gabby, depending on your contribution level. It’s kind of hard to go wrong.

Limited edition fall scarves from fashionABLE support women artisans in Ethiopia

I think both of these scarves are just so exquisite, I can see why they tied for first-place. But if for some reason you want to keep shopping around, don’t miss the selection of fashionABLE accessories in the Cool Mom Picks Indie Shop. Including that spectacular handmade leather tote that’s been flying off the shelves.

Whatever you buy from fashionABLE, and wherever you buy it, you’re doing something very very good.

Visit the Live fashionABLE Kickstarter page for exclusive access to the new Zeritu and Tigist scarves, and a limited run of the popular Genet scarf. The campaign ends 10/22/14 so hurry!