Orico London Skin Care: Avoid a life of grime in the big city

City skin care: Organic Streetwise skincare - Orico London | review at coolmompicks.com

I’m not saying this new organic Streetwise line from Orico London is the Batman of skin care products; I’m just saying Batman probably uses it to take off his guyliner every night after a hard, pollution- and crime-riddled day in Gotham. And you can, too.

I have been seeing great results using Streetwise products, which are designed specifically for harsher urban environments, but I wanted to give it the ultimate test. So I took it to Dragoncon, a comic con that brings over 60,000 people to four blocks of downtown Atlanta. Each day, I wear a primer, heavy makeup, and setting spray and spend 12 hours running up and down city sidewalks to speak on panels in full costume. (Ed note: See why we love Delilah so much?) That means I was exposed to pollution, heat, sweat, UV, air conditioning, hairspray, one horrible rain shower that messed up my hair, and a ton of unwanted cigarette smoke.

Delilah S Dawson at Dragoncon

Delilah at Dragon Con: The ultimate cool mom

The Streetwise Gentle Antioxidant Face Wash was lovely in the morning for helpi

ng me wake up and making sure I had a clean base to start with. The Oxygenating Day Cream was moisturizing without being too greasy and reminded me of what it feels like to get an oxygen facial, along with a similar, uplifting, clean scent. The Hydrating Make-Up Remover did a great job scraping off all the layers of make-up each night, although I did need a little extra help on the mascara.

As for the Coco Spritz, this might be my favorite product, as it felt so refreshing to spray it on during a break to reset my makeup, cool my skin, and drink in the scent of orange flower to wash out that downtown grease smell. Most toners these days tend to smell of roses, cucumber or lavender, so this is definitely my favorite refreshing toner scent yet.

Orico London Streetwise CocoSpritz: Huge thumbs up!

The line is a little pricier than drugstore brands, but I love that Streetwise is organic and backed by science and clinical trials. Plus the fact that the products include high quality, nourishing oils that don’t break me out. Thanks for getting me through Dragoncon without a single zit, Orico. Even in a city as grimy as Gotham, I am the night, and I am fabulous.

Find Orico London Streetwise city skin care products at the Orico site. And thanks to the company for providing us with samples for review.

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