Faery of Tales: Keepsake fairy tale jewelry from storybooks, not animated movies.

Faery of Tales fine jewelry featuring traditional storybook icons

I think the ultimate 2014 holiday gift for a whole lot of girls may have just hit the scene. And not too surprisingly, it’s themed around fairy tales.

With Frozen mania showing no sign of subsiding, I am seeing renewed interest in the original fairy tales everywhere; on the runways, in theaters with movies like Maleficent and Into the Woods, even as a theme at a recent holiday tech press event. (Yeah, a little strange to see Red Riding Hood handing out flash drives.) So even this sometimes princess-averse mama is capitvated by the limited edition Faery of Tales fine jewelry line which features classic imagery going back to Grimm, all turned into stunning, handmade-in-the US, keepsake jewelry for girls and women.

The 18K gold and precious stone charms include a silhouette of icons I’m sure you can identify: a young maiden eating an apple (getting ready for a long nap, perhaps?), a horse-drawn coach, a caged nightingale, and a dashing knight on a steed that would appeal to anyone who grew up attending Renai

ssance fairs (me!), Disney fan or not.

The collections include Snow White, Puss in Boots, and The Nightingale, with each symbol representing five positive values from the tale.

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Faery of Tales fine jewelry features traditional fairy tale charms on gorgeous leather bracelets

Keepsake fine jewelry charms from Faery of Tales


The bracelets made from Hirsch luxury Austrian leather are pretty awesome too; I might even wear one myself. In fact at these prices, they might be more for you than a young child — a sterling necklace on a silk cord starts at $150, with a yellow gold “children’s bracelet” ringing in at a mere $4,040.

Maybe for J Lo’s kids?

Puss in Boots keepsake bracelet from Faery of Tales


Pre-orders just started yesterday, so you can get yours around the end of the month–and certainly in time for holidays. Because I imagine more than a few girls I know would be utterly taken with these–some right in my very own house. Some of them not even girls. I really do dig that windmill. And the birdcage necklace? Awesome.

Preorder necklaces, charms and bracelets from the Faery of Tales fine jewelry line right now. Shipping starts 10/30, with the first limited edition run all being hand-stamped.