I want to see you be brave: Kids’ jewelry to help them feel strong

Kids' jewelry: Brave bracelets

Going to school can be an adventure for many kids, but I know firsthand what it’s like to have a preschooler clinging to my leg and begging me not to leave her. If you too are feeling like back-to-school–or any change in your kids’ lives lately–has been causing more anxiety than excitement, check out this new kids’ jewelry that will help remind you both of the power of a little courage and support.

Created by mama Sandy Magura, the silver-plated Brave bracelets are sold in packages of two; one for your child and one for you. It’s a reminder to her that you aren’t too far away and that she is brave enough to face the rest of the day. Whether it conjures up images of Merida or Sara Bareilles depends on what’s on play in your media library.

In addition to fighting off back-to-school worries, I think the Brave bracelets would also be great for a child’s trip to the doctor or hospital, or for a military parent to give before they head off to serve.

And while I am usually hesitant to give jewelry to kids who ca

n’t be counted on to remember where they put their shoes, these are incredibly reasonable at under $10 for the pair of bracelets.

Brave bracelets are sold in packages of two for the child and parent to wear.