Love and Salt hair and body spray: The next best thing to a trip to Hawaii

Love + Salt hair and body spray | Cool Mom Picks

I don’t have a beach trip planned this summer, but I really wish I did. There’s something about the smell of the salt water that makes me feel so relaxed–or maybe it’s the margaritas on the sand. I recently discovered Love + Salt hair and body spray by Olivine Atelier, and even though I’m just watching my kids play in the sprinkler in our backyard, I feel just a little bit like I’m at the beach. And I’m loving it.

The thing about salt water, and that amazing ocean air, is that at least for me, it gives my hair these impossibly perfect waves that I can’t recreate back home under any conditions. Julie at Olivine suggests spraying Love + Salt on your wet hair, tying it in a knot on top of your head overnight, and then waking up to beautiful waves in the morning. (Sorry, flat iron girls; this one is just for us.)

If you’re wondering about the idea of spraying salt on your hair it’s actually very cool. The salts doesn’t just help your hair, but it hydrates your skin so you have that beautiful relaxed glow–even

if you aren’t on vacation.

This is no table salt; we’re talking about French sea salt, epsom salt and Himalayan pink salt, all mixed with the most delicious beachy smells of gardenia and coconut. Evidently it’s meant to recreate the sensual feeling of being in Hanalei. I’ve never been there, but if it’s anything like this spray, then Love + Salt could be the best thing that’s happened for tourism there since South Pacific.

Order your bottle of Love + Salt now at the Cool Mom Picks indie shop for $24/8oz bottle. 5 percent of all Olivine’s net sales go to Every Mother Counts, so you can feel good about that too.