Goumikids newborn hats, mittens and booties: Designed to actually stay on.

Goumikids Baby Hat in Pink Leaves

Let’s be real, parents. Amid the cry-fests and all-night burp-a-thons, it would be tough to remember a single thing about those early months, if it weren’t for the photos we take and look back on later. (“Oh right! We went to Florida for a week…totally forgot.”). That’s why ridiculously cute baby accessories have a special place in my heart, and hey, they can even give us sleep-deprived parents that squee when we need it most.

From Goumikids, the same geniuses who brought us those soft, stay-put baby mitts and baby booties that have become a Cool Mom Picks favorite, they’ve just launched adorable Goumikids hats that, like their other accessories, are more than just cute. They are actually designed to stay on your baby’s head.

Commence cheering.

Goumikids baby hats

Goumikids Newborn Set in Blue

Goumikids newborn set in cream

They’re not too big for a newborn like others I’ve tried, and I love the breathable cotton and stylish patterns. Just know the small/medium was a smidge too tight on my nine-week-old daughter so I would suggest sizing up to the medium/large size for babies past

the two-month mark (or those with a slightly larger noggin) and they’ll fit perfectly.

You can also pick up a very affordable three-piece Goumikids newborn set for a sweet new baby gift, or curate your own mix-and-match collection. And whatever you buy, a portion of the proceeds goes toward The Girl Effect‘s efforts to improve the lives of girls in poverty all around the world. We just fell in love with the company a little more.

Find Goumikids baby hats for $16 and newborn gift sets for just $40 at goumikids.com.