Baby Comfy Nail: a baby nail clipper you won’t be afraid to use on a newborn

Baby Comfy Nail Safety Clippers | Cool Mom Picks

I remember putting off trimming my son’s nails for days when he was born, because I was afraid of accidentally cutting his delicate fingers off with the baby nail clipper and suddenly finding myself in a scene worthy of Quentin Tarantino. Not so with my newborn baby girl. I’m a little more confident now, plus I tried out Baby Comfy Nail safety clippers on her super soft one-week-old nails, and they worked like a charm.

Safe baby nail clippers: Baby Comfy Nail Safety Clippers Single Blade

The concept is pretty simple. Baby Comfy Nail only has one blade! The bottom plastic edge pushes your baby’s skin back and out of the way as the top blade trims her nails. I tried it on my 18-month-old son and have to confess it was a little difficult to use on him because his nails are a little more solid so I had to press down harder, but the ergonomic design makes these baby nail clippers easy to hold, which is a big plus. So if you have a newborn at home or on the way, you’re officially out of excuses not to trim those nails.

Baby Comfy Nail safety clippers are available for $12.99 at