Superhero hats for kids who already have the capes. And the imagination.

Neon Eaters' superhero hat at Psychobaby

Even superheroes can get chilled while out leaping tall snow drifts in a single bound. To keep your caped—or cloaked–crusader toasty, check out Neon Eaters’ warm and adorable superhero knit hat at Psychobaby.

I love the simple styling with its contrast-color “mask” and bold star which allows your kids to be whatever superhero they feel like being that day. And I appreciate that the eyeholes are large enough for good peripheral vision since we all know that villains tend to lurk in corners. Just remind your superhero to look out for icy patches when they go speeding down the sidewalk faster than a locomotive.

Superhero hat by Neon Eaters at Psychobaby

Sized for kids ages 1-4 and 5-8 years old and in pink or red, if this superhero hat ends up falling into muddy slush, it only takes a quick hand wash to return it to its colorful splendor. Just like Superman’s tights.

Check out Neon Eaters’ superhero hats at Psychobaby. Other styles, such as the Ninja, Bandit, and Viking are available too.

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