Understanding your baby’s cries with a super cute tee

Recently there have been some strange new products out there that purport to help you understand your baby’s various cries. Well, save your money. Turns out this adorable elbow-patch baby tee is all you need.

The wahhh baby shirt at Zara spells it all out for you in cozy 100% cotton: One wahhh means yes; two wahhhs mean maybe. And you thought parenting was hard.

Wait, what’s Babyspeak for “no,” you ask? No need for a translation. When he spits an entire mouthful of strained whatever all over that adorable tee, you’ll know. –Liz

The wahhh baby shirt at Zara US makes a great baby gift for under $10. And for more ideas, check out our 2013 Ultimate Baby Shower Gift Guide.