Gorgeous spring clothes for kids that keep my mind off today’s windchill.

Nununu is a baby and kids label I recently discovered, and instantly fell for. (My daughter owns this alphabet dress in grey, and it’s the best.) The construction is amazing, the cottons are soft but sturdy and I really love the styling for little girls which is a little edgy and a lot playful.

We’re so excited to get to give you all sneak peek at their upcoming spring line launching in a few weeks because…gah. The cuteness!

Nununu spring '13 | baby skull dress

Above: Cotton galabiya. Here, Skull a-line dress

Nununu spring '13 | circle top and skirt

Patch tee and dyed skirt

Nununu spring '13 | sprinkles playsuit

Sprinkles playsuit

Nununu spring '13 | girls' tee and shorts

Patch tee and french terry shorts

Nununu spring '13 | no shirt

NO! tee and alphabet leggings

Nununu spring '13 | stars onesie

Star onesie

Nununu spring '13 | baggy pants

Dyed baggy pants

All the clothes come on sizes 0-6y, except the onesies and play suits which they keep to baby sizes. (Yeah, can’t see getting my 5 year-old in a onesie.) It’s really the kind of stuff I love–neutrals that pair with anything, totally wearable styles, but with enough flair that you can pair a single piece with any leggings, tee, or skirt you already own and you’ve suddenly got a super cool outfit.


Learn about Nununu on their website, but keep an eye out for them in shops like Urban Baby Runway, Stork and independent boutiques all over the world.