A Bib That Actually Does What a Bib’s Supposed To

Don’t let that transition from cute little drooly bib to "holy cow there’s food everywhere" bib catch you off guard. I’m not sure how many cute outfits I had to retire thanks to my unpreparedness.
Too bad I didn’t have a Tutti Frutti Messy Boo Bib from Lillaboo. Designed by mom-of-two Vanessa Kee, these colorful vinyl-coated bibswill protect your little ones, or at least their clothes, from the mess that is their meal. I love that they’re just simple and well made. No pattern, no print, no "I love my gwamma." And the pocket at bottom means no food on the lap. (Okay, so less food on the lap.)If you’re like me and spend way too much time picking out your kids’ cute clothes each morning, then grab a couple bibs, pronto. Those rockin’ duds look way better sans stains.-Kristen
Enter code "lilla55" for 15% off your order.

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