One Outfit You Won’t Return To Sender

I like to dress my son in clothes that are stylish and contemporary, but I have a soft spot for anything kind of campy or retro. And what says campy and retro better than early seventies Elvis of the rhinestone-studded jumpsuits and white platform boots?
When I discovered this awesome 100% cotton Elvis Baby Sleeper from Baby Pants, I fell in love. Adorned with printed flares, a belt and Elvis’ signature eagle on the back, your little prince can shake, rattle and roll just like The King himself–mostly rattle though, we hope.
The sleeper is only available at CMP fave Baby Dagny, which would make my day if only they carried a satin-lined cape and a tiny white Cadillac to match. –Izzy.
Happy Elvis’ birthday, everyone! Have a pan-fried pb and banana sandwich for us.

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