A Sling for the Coordinationally Challenged

I’ve always appreciated the benefits of a baby sling. Although as someone with fluctuating weight combined with a lack of manual dexterity that keeps me from adjusting my own belt properly, let alone a ring on a sling, I have yet to find my perfect match.

Until now perhaps?

Hello, Rockin’ Baby Pouch! These 100% cotton pouches are a cross between the traditional made-to-order baby slings and the adjustable ring sling. You still need to pick your size, but then you can easily adjust it through the ease of zippers. Want your baby higher or lower? Just zip it up. Seriously, it is that simple.

And while the funky, 21st century fabrics from Asian florals to mod prints make them hard to resist, I still can’t get over the fact that I’m a Small/Medium at my size and weight. Now if that’s not rockin’, then I’m not sure what is. -Kristen

[thanks, Heather!]