Here Come the ABCs

In the height of the preppy craze, I begged my mother for a monogrammed sweater to wear with my Calvin Klein jeans. She refused, telling me that I’d outgrow the sweater in a year, so what was the sense in spending extra money to embroider my initials on it? Grr…
So it’s not surprising that I gravitate to the new monogrammed cotton onesies from CMP favorite Resa Design. Super high-quality onesies are emblazoned with a modern lower-case letter letter cut from your choice of 18 funky fabrics. And since they are very reasonably priced at $12 each, I don’t have to flog myself for a purchase that, yes, will soon be outgrown.
Instead, I’ll parade my kids and their monograms in front of my mother and pat myself on the back for fulfilling my own childhood wants. –Julie