Tickled Pink & Sage

We’re pleased to announce that our Cool Mom Picks family has grown with the much awaited arrival of co-founder and editor Liz’s daughter Sage Alexandra, weighing in just under 8lbs.Considering Liz sounded better than I do after a full night’s sleep, we’rehappy tohear thatSage’s Taurean ways didn’t affect the actual labor and delivery.
And so, if you’re wondering why we’re working a bit slower these days,we’ll both be attemptingto master the art of one hand typing.It’s a perfect opportunityfor one of you crafty moms to invent a product that provides more hours in the day and extra sleep.
From her hospital room with an amazing view, she sends her thanks for the wonderful wishes and gifts from our CMP Community.It takes a village to spoil a baby.And we’remore than happy to do it.-Kristen
[It’s a Girl Button from Mahar Dry Goods]