Little Creatures

Frequent readers of CMP will know that we’re not a big fan of barnyard animals on the kid duds, but we do love all things creepy, crawly, and traditionally unloved. So of course we were instantly smitten with the Beasty Baby monster rompers at indie emporium Aunt Beep. The two best friends behind Beasty Baby have given their creatures decidedly unscary monikers like Vinny, Lola, and Ray (shown here). And they’re each printed on bold cotton rompers and tees in colors like "screaming orange" and "super fun yellow." I have the sense they have almost as much fun making them as your kid will have wearing them, which instantly makes me want to buy a dozen.
And while I’m not generally enamored with brands that proclaim their name right on their clothing, I can make an exception here. No one will ever know that Beasty Baby is referring to anything but your little monster. –Liz