Keeping the Baby Dry. Outside the Diaper at Least.

Despite my reaction to the contrary at my baby shower, I soon realized that one can never have too many blankets.. Some are lightweight, some are warm, some work for swaddling, some are so ugly, they’re just the thing to toss in the car trunk for emergencies.
The one kind of blanket I could have used but didn’t get – something waterproof.
The indoor/outdoor Play Blankets from Silly Billyz are so smart, I wonder why I didn’t get a hundred of them. Soft and fleecy on one side, then backed with waterproof nylon on the other, they’re exactly what you want to toss down on the grass before you let your (spf-coated) baby crawl around down there. Or, flip it over, and you’ve got a generously size shield in the stroller for surprise rainstorms.
Silly Billyz Play Blankets come in 8 different color combos–and I promise, they’re a lot less shiny than the photos on the website would indicate. After all, nothing should outshine your little guy. Least of all his blanket. –LizClick here to order and you’ll automatically

receive 10% off your purchase.