Old and Improved

There is no shortage of great blankets out there to keep your newborn warm, from traditional baby blues and sweet pinks, to retro-modern hipster designs in every shade of chartreuse.
But what if you’re yearning for a blanket like the one you had back (ahem,cough) years ago when you were a wee one? The vintage inspired line of baby blankets from My Vintage Blankie look exactly as if they could have swaddled multiple generations of babes before yours came along, but without any moth-eaten corners or ambiguous yellow stains.
Each piece is meticulously crafted from cotton flannel and chenille, then embelilished with hand-embroidered vintage motifs like this kitten/mitten combo or a ye old time-y baby lamb. You’ll even find pillows to match.
All without guilt-tripping a single granny. –Izzy