Look Ma, No Sparkles!

My older daughter, Mimi, is a princess-kittens-glittery flowers kind of girl. I can’t convince her to don any clothing that doesn’t scream I AM A GIRLY GIRL, most often in some shade of pink. Rosie, however, is more tomboy than princess, which makes shopping for both of them at once a little challenging.
In light of my quest, the selection of baby tees at Turtle Papers caught my eye. The modern, hand-silkscreened designs from designer Jennifer Tam have a cool japanimation feel about them, and range from boy/tomboy-friendly zoo animals (I especially love the hippo and giraffe prints) to funky but more feminine designs. If you’ve got your own Mimi to shop for, check out the butterflies t-shirt printed on girly girl-approved periwinkle blue.
Yes, they’re all sparkle free. Yes, that’s a good thing. –Nancy
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