How fun are these number blocks? Let us count the ways…

SumBlox Math Blocks

With so many amazing modern building blocks out there, it’s not hard to find a set that I’d love to give to my kids. But I’ve just discovered SumBlox, the most incredibly unique set of durable beech wood blocks that mixes math learning and block play together in such an interesting way, I think they’d be just as valuable in our kids’ classrooms as in their playrooms.

What makes the cool-looking SumBlox number blocks so unique is that each block has its value represented by its height so that kids can see how two numbers can come together to form a new value.

Stack 5 + 3 and, whoa, it’s the same height as the 8. Or stack three fives and show kids how it equals the 10 + 5 blocks. These blocks could be used to help teach toddlers about their number values, but such tactical learning is great for visual and kinesthetic learners of any age to help them grasp key concepts too. Boy, do I wish I had SumBlox when I was teaching my oldest about Factors because I think we could’ve gotten through those lessons with a

bout 10,000 fewer tears.

(And no, there’s no 10,000 block for me to have counted them. Yet.)


SumBlox math building blocks: Tower of 10

SumBlox Math Blocks for kids


Stack up SumBlox math building blocks for kids!

For teachers and home educators, I love that larger SumBlox sets come with teacher manuals to insure you get the most out of your blocks. These manuals cover addition/subtraction, multiplication, even fractions which is great for those of us with kids of different ages, and at different points in their math studies.

However there is such beauty in these numbers, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with just letting the kids play and see what they come up with. Something tells me it will all add up to something great.

SumBlox’s Kickstarter campaign has about two weeks to go to reach its goal, and I’m really hoping they get there: I still have two more kids who need to learn factors. UPDATE: Preorder now for February, 2015 delivery at their website with a 20% discount for a limited time.

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