DIY Board Games for kids gives family game night a creative twist

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Playing a board game with the kids can be fun, but it’s bound to feel a lot more special when your kids get to put their own finishing touches on the games themselves, like they can with DIY Board Games. And, don’t worry: The “DIY” doesn’t mean they get to make up their own rules as they go along.

DIY Board Games are a set of semi-finished games that let kids flex their creative muscles by customizing their boards and game pieces with tons of stickers and markers. Kids who are handy with the safety scissors can even assemble the pieces for some of the games, but don’t be surprised if the cutting becomes your own little craft project for the evening.

The game box includes five classic games aimed at kids ages 4-8 that you’ll either know well—Snakes and Ladders is a twist on Chutes and Ladders—or they’ll be new-to-you games to add to your family game night rotation. The boards and game pieces are so nicely made, with lovely modern colors and cute illustrations by designers Inca Starzinsky and Ruth Williams.

DIY Board games for kids: Game of the Goose


DIY Board games for kids: Snakes and Ladders


DIY board games for kids: Ludo


There’s enough here to do to get more than one child involved too, although if your kids are anything like mine were with stickers, you will need to oversee this job, lest you end up with every sticker for every game clustered into one corner of a game board. But no matter what they do, I think it’ll be cool to look at the game boards over the years when you pull them out to play and remember when the kids added their own DIY to them.

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