Stories Worth Telling Over and Over (Sorry Grandpa)

When I hear about kid stories on CD, I imagine some generic, B-list voice over talent reading Peter Rabbit as my brood rubs their eyes. But Tell Me a Story: Timeless Folktales from Around the World from writer/producer/mastermind Amy Friedman was a different, um, story.
A line-up of eight great actors including Lauren Tom and Rick Hall do the actual storytelling, with each compelling narrative adopted from folktales from countries as diverse as Japan and the Czech Republic. Each track is accompanied by music from Laura Hall, who improv fans might recognize as the piano player on Whose Line is it Anyway? These are not the same stories your kids heard a million times before, making them all the more riveting.
When I first played the CD for my six-year-old, he listened intently for a full hour past his bedtime, then came downstairs to tell me all about the rabbit on the moon, Anansi the spider and a woman who went to court for stealing smells from the bakery.
Like I said, these are definitely not "bore your

kids to sleep" stories.
Order your own copy here of Tell Me a Story here. While the tales themselves will keep the kids happy and quiet for a while, the best part is certainly when the kids have something different to reenact for grandma besides the latest episode of Jimmy Neutron. –Amy
Order direct from Amy Friedman at and enter "cool mom picks" in the subject line, and get your CD for just $14.95 (retail price $18.95).