Excuse Me, Is That a Monster on Your Head?

Hooray for hat season! I’ve been waiting all summer for the weather to turn cold so I can actually get my toddler to keep something other than spaghetti sauce and noodle bits on her head.
So, check out my new find – monster hats! How can you pass up these Creature Co-op creations that pack more personality onto one child’s head than a whole slew of your run-of-the-mill winter caps. Handmade by Jason Carpenter and Rachel Chowar using non-scratchy polar fleece, and embellished with polyester and faux fur, they’re perfect for warming little heads while provoking a reaction from your stuffy neighbors.
There’s a different monster for every day of the week (check out the Yeti), or in my daughter’s case, everymood of the day. -Kristen

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