Play it Again, Bunny

When I was young, I had a beautiful wooden music box that featured a dancer pirouetting on a mirror inside. It was regaled to a high shelf in my bedroom except for the few times a year when my mom reluctantly pulled it down for me. I’m still bitter whenever I hear "The Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy."
On the opposite end of the music box spectrum are the handmade ones from British e-boutique Lapin and Me. The soft felt exteriors invite discovery by probing, clumsy little hands, and their bright colors and simple designs will appeal to even the littlest aesthete in your family..
You’ll find them in three animal patterns — monkey, owl, and my fave, the orange rabbit.
But what I really like is that these music boxes put the melodies back in the hands of your kids. Which is exactly where they belong. –Nancy
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