The Next Best Thing to Springsteen Pulling Her Up on Stage

While I know from experience that kids love hearing their own names in songs–even my own frighteningly off-tune renditions–I’ve got to admit I’m wary of those "personalized" CDs. The few I’ve heard have been absolutely, heinously, eardrum shattering. Then I discovered Name Your Tune, and suddenly I’m changing my tune.
Here, ten classic children’s songs each incorporate your child’s name into the lyrics. Well-loved tunes are interpreted in unexpectedly fun ways, like Head and Shoulders which is arranged like a folk song Nana brought back from the old country. And the vocals? Easy on the ears, I swear. Check out a sample track and see for yourself. Besides, it’s very cool that a chunk of change from each sale is donated to Hear Here, a non-profit that provides hearing aids to children.
More than 1500 names are available from Name Your Tune with more being added regularly. So unless you’re one of those urban legend people who named your kid Oranjello, you’re probably in luck. – Julie
For $5 off each CD you o

rder, just enter code NNHOL2005 at checkout.

[photo via leilanimarie]