The diaper bag that carries everything including the baby

Kemby Sidekick Diaper BagWhile I swear by slings and baby carriers for making my life easy and my hands free, they are not made for moms who like to carry a diaper bag. And while I’ve tried to stuff a diaper, some wipes, and my keys in those teeny pockets a few of mine come with, for anything other than a quick trip to the grocery store, that just doesn’t cut it.

But now that the Kemby Sidekick has entered my life, my hands, arms, and– get this– shoulders are completely free. It’s a unique diaper bag that can actually double as a hip baby carrier, and works for young infants (starting around 6 months) who like to be close to mom, or that tired toddler who is refusing to sit in the stroller.

Simply pull out the carrier and the over the arm strap that’s hidden within the front flap of a very swanky diaper bag, and then clip the bag strap around your waist. Your baby sits comfortably, supported by the sturdy straps and the bag itself — which consequently has plenty of room and pockets (even one at the base — my favorite!) for all your

junk. Er, very important stuff.

Sounds amazing, right? Yes. It is. It really really is. -Kristen

Find the Sidekick diaper bag carrier at Kemby.

Congratulations to lucky winner Michele H, who will receive the green Kemby Sidekick!