Car seat cover couture

Redbird Couture Carseat CoversIt’s amazing how far baby gear has come since I had my first daughter just under five years ago. Since her car seat was the only place she’d nap, the poor girl sat for hours in an uncomfortable, unpadded, three-point harness seat.

Granted, your baby will survive just fine without a fancy looking car seat but given most options, we’re absolutely loving the gorgeous, unique carseat covers from Redbird Couture. The covers themselves feature a soft, washable fabric on the outside and a plush, comfy inside. And each of their four designs is adorned with a simple, artistic applique unlike anything I’ve ever seen. I love the pretty neutral “Redbird” (pictured), but peruse the other options if you’re looking for something a bit more gender specific.

And while you might have summer on the brain right now, these are perfect for moms now pregnant with fall and winter babies, which is only a few months away. But really, who’s counting? -Kristen

Shop Redbird Couture for four their stylish carseat covers.

Note: Third-party car seat covers can void the car seat warranty because they’re not tested by the car seat manufacturer, obviously. It’s your choice whether to use them in your car or not.