Sassy Web Watch iC: A video baby monitor for the truly obsessed.

Video baby monitor allows viewing over webWhen I put my little guy down for a nap, I close the door and don’t look back. I’m not one for compulsively checking on him (because with my luck, I’ll wake him up) and I’d never even considered using a video baby monitor. Until now.

Lately I’ve been satisfying my inner voyeur — and my mother’s and my mother-in-law’s — with the Sassy Web Watch iC. This amazing video monitor not only works here at home, but on the Internet too, with a free Skype or MSN account. Isn’t that cool? So I can watch my baby toss his stuffed animals out of the crib from the next room, or I can just put my girls in front of the web cam and let them ham it up for their grandparents in real time.

If I’d had a Web Watch iC video baby monitor when I went back to work after my firstborn, seeing her occasionally during the day would’ve gone a long way toward alleviating my new mom anxiety. If you’re one who thinks video monitors are just a nice-to-have, I can tell you I’m now wondering how I ever lived without one  -Julie

Find the Sassy Web Watch iC video baby monitor at Babies ‘R’ Us