The Britax Advocate CS: Car seat safety gets more attractive than it already is.

Britax Advocate car seatOne place we will never ever tell our readers to skimp, not even in this economy, is your child’s car seat. You want the best possible car seat that you can afford, and you can quote me on that.

The Britax Advocate CS is a brand new entry into the car seat market that’s loaded with safety features and not too tough on the old eyeballs either. Yeah, let’s face it — car seats are traditionally not the cutest of all the shower gifts at the party.

We happen to own their other side impact protection-equipped model, the Britax Boulevard, which I love, but I would totally trade up to the Advocate for the added insurance of Side Impact Cushion Technology. Essentially it claims to reduce side impact crash impact by 50%, giving you a little more peace of mind against any red light -running idiot on the road these days.

Don’t let that pretty new floral print shown above fool you; this thing is beefy and it’s definitely built to last (as it should be for $370 and change). In fact, the Advocate car seat is good for ki

ds as big as 65 lbs, but for younger kids it stays rear-facing up to 35 lbs– a big deal considering the AAP recos keep getting longer and longer. At this rate the kids will be rear-facing until they’re ready to drive themselves.  –Liz

Preorder the Britax Advocate CS now from Babies R Us – ship dates slated for 7/1. 

Congratulations to super-lucky Britax Advocate CS winner Dori U!