Fanny pack 2.0

Jupiter Freedom Hands Free Bags - arm bagWhen I first saw the hands-free bags from Jupiter Freedom, I figured they were mostly for athletic types and young hipsters, and not for a busy mom of three who’s sort of married to her diaper bag. But then I gave it a whirl one afternoon when I was out at the park with my kids and I’m definitely singing a different tune.

These smart, swanky arm bags feature a small pouch for your keys, change, phone (or iPod), as well as a removable card and money case. Slide it up onto your arm and adjust the elastic with the easy hook system (like a bra, actually), and you’re ready to go. And yes, the arm bags are sized, so a simple arm measurement and you’ll pick the one that won’t make you lose circulation or slide off your svelte, toned triceps.

This hands-free bag is perfect for walks, playground visits, or anywhere that you don’t need your entire handbag. I admit it — I sort of like feeling like a young hipster. -Kristen

Check out the full selection of hands-free bags at Jupiter Freedom.

to Alia B, lucky winner of the Jupiter Freedom arm bag!