A baby activity center that lets mom get some activities in too

PopATot portable baby activity centerOf course those gihunda baby activity centers and Exersaucers are a big hit for new parents because the kid will happily swat at some puppets or jingle balls in there long enough for you to hit the shower and wash the pureed chicken out of your hair. (Don’t hurt me lawyers! I know you’re not supposed to leave your kids alone in there, blah blah blah.)

But it’s not like you can stick an Exersaucer in your trunk and tote it around with you when you head to grandma’s either.  So mom Stacy Ellsworth created the PopATot, essentially a portable baby activity center that packs away in its own carrying case. Plop the kid inside, and he can safely play with whatever toys you attach to the toy hooks on top. The PopATot play center is sturdy and easy to fold, making it great for when you’ve got gardening to do outside, a birthday in the backyard for an older sibling, and especially for travel.

It’s not exactly lightweight, and it’s not exactly unobtrusive, but it does collapse compactly enough that you can easily cram

it in the trunk with the 16 tons of other junk that you need to head out with these days. –Liz

For a limited time get a $10 rebate, plus free shipping.

Find the PopATot baby activity center at a few shops in the midwest or online at