With stroller pads, everything old is new again

There is something beautiful about a pristine, brand new stroller tucked away in the corner of the perfect nursery just waiting for the baby’s arrival. And then there is something equally horrifying about how that same stroller looks a year later, coated with grease splotches and food remnants and stains of unknown origin. Or worse, an origin which you wish were unknown.

If I had to do it all over again, I’d invest in a stroller pad from the get-go, and a whole array of nice options are available at myMonkeymoo. The handmade-in-Canada stroller pads are very nicely constructed, using fashionable fabrics on one side and a super-soft fluffy white one on the other that sort of feel like your favorite stuffed animal. Or your dog. Fear not, it’s machine washable for when you turn it fluffy side up during the colder months.

The pads will pretty much fit any stroller with a five-point harness – I tried it out in the Frog and the Phil and Ted double with no problems You can even get a stroller blanket to match that

I presume are equally luxe. And while they’ll probably look pretty meh in a year too, at least replacing them won’t cost what it does to get a new stroller. –Liz

Congratulations to Shay T, winner of a myMonkeymoo pad and blanket set!