Warm as a lamb. Under a blanket. Next to a heat lamp. In Cancun.

Winter stroller cover and blanket by Warm as a LambI often have feelings of envy as I push my 19 month-old in her stroller on cold days, thinking it would be nice if it were she pushing me around town instead. Eh, I guess there’s plenty of time for that when I’m 80.

Now I’m feeling doubly jealous, since giving the Warm as a Lamb Winter Stroller Coat Cover a whirl.

Designed by mom Christine Kosteas and available at Amazon, this thing is seriously amazing, if you live in colder climes. (I’m talking to you, Minneapolis/Chicago/Boston moms.) It’s basically a heavy, thermally insulated stroller cover that completely shields the kid from the wind, cold and elements without keeping her all straight-jacketed up like those sleeping bags do.

The design is exceptionally thoughtful with mesh air vents, a little storage compartment in the back for your own stuff, and a front panel that unzips to reveal a vinyl peekaboo window then removes completely to serve as an extra blanket. You can easily unzip the window as soon as you’re in a store so the kid doesn’t roast. Ther

e’s also this little recordable voice box thingie that you can use to pipe in your voice, although I’m not sure I’d ever get around to using it.

Get it to fit a standard stroller, jogger, or even a dual or tandem stroller. Plus? It looks nice. Quilted and chic. Definitely way better than you’d expect from the photos on the site. And definitely better than a kid with icicles hanging off her runny nose. –Liz

Congratulations to RC, winner of the pink standard cover!